Satisfying these needs to want to sell or buy agricultural products is not easy and often consumes important resources, time and research. Starting from this idea, to combine wholesale demand and supply.

We are here to support the promotion of both domestic and imported agricultural products, the certification and quality of the goods exposed for sale, being guaranteed by the laboratory of the Sanitary-Veterinary Service that operates daily.

It is a modern and efficient form of agricultural trade, meant to satisfy the requirements of selling an important volume of the agri-food production of an area. There are specialized markets for vegetables, fruits, fish, live animals, etc. At the wholesale market, buyers and sellers negotiate freely - in the presence of goods the market price, control of product quality, imposition of certain quality standards.

We provide you with the best purchase prices for agri-food goods. En-Gros sales services are extremely beneficial for the community, helping all local producers to sell their goods in very large proportions.

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