Frequent Questions

How do I pay?

Payment is made by the following methods:

- bank transfer

- refund (cash, upon receipt of the package)

You have the possibility to save in your account more billing data, and at the end of an order you can choose which one to use.

At the time of delivery of the package to the courier, you are notified by email that it is on the way.

In addition, you can choose to choose the day and time to pick up the package.

 I got the wrong billing data. Can the order be re-invoiced?

If the order has the status “Order completed”, you can request the issuance of an invoice with the correct invoicing data, following that the old invoice is reversed and a new invoice is issued with the new data.

If the order is still in the cart but you have not clicked on completion, you can cancel it from your account, then make a new order with the billing data you want. You can also leave a comment in your account, in the order details, asking the seller to change the billing data.

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